Monday, May 12, 2008

This is...Mother's Day

This is...what we did for Mother's Day. We had a lovely big family day with the extended family, which included five mothers and one mother-to-be, a nearly four-year-old, two nearly two-year-olds, a six week old, and two works-in-progress!!

It was lovely. We found a quiet park,

and had it all to ourselves!

We drank sparkly wine. We feasted on homemade finger food including egg and bacon pies, roast vegetable sandwhiches, crumbed chicken,

scotch eggs mmmmmmm,

mini banana loaves, oaty chocolate and almond cookies, and...

the best chocolate caramel slice I've eaten in years (thanks Jade).

We also filled the afternoon in with frisbees, football,

boule (...ahem...I do believe Dad and I were the champions!!)

and knitting. Could there be a better way to spend a Mother's Day? I think not.

And whose idea was this fantastic day?

My mums! As usual Mum, you always come through with the goods. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me.


I'll leave you with the Mother's Day cards my kids made for my Mum and my Aunty (who is really like a third Grandma to them). They are all pictures made from a fantastic book called Hand Art (KLUTZ - Chicken Socks) where each page shows the child how to hold their hand (shadow puppet style) so that you can draw around it, and then you turn it into an animal. It is perfect for Lee's age group. He works out how to hold his hand, then I draw around it and put in the details, then he colours it in as per the picture, and glues on the eyes etc. This book has kept us all so well occupied over the last week, and our house is filled with creatures from Aliens and Elephants to Peacocks and Frogs. My lovely mum also bought Lee the Superhero Starter Kit in this series yesterday, and it is also really great. Not a big price tag either which is nice. Whew, that turned into a mini-book review for kids didn't it! Oh well, it's a mother's prerogative to waffle on isn't it??????

Kate's Art



Lee's Art




Leni and Rose said...

What a fabulous day with such delicious things to eat and drink! I love the kids art, very sweet!

Bird Bath said...

The handmade cards are ace. It's those the things the kids create which really make my day. I'm sure grandma and aunty will treasure those. The celebrations sound fantastic....what a great idea your mum had. I like the sound of the food - never tried scotch eggs though. maybe I should.

Hot Fudge said...

Hi Bec

What a perfect Mother's Day you had. And I simply love the children's art. I'm endeavouring to collect my grandchildren's art to make a quilt and after seeing your drawings I suddenly remembered my own children's early efforts tucked away somewhere in the house. I'll hunt them out to add to the quilt. Thanks for the inspiration!

Sherrin said...

I love bocce!! and those hand cards are very cute!

Karen said...

Bec that is my idea of a perfect Mother's Day too - I love being outdoors with the kids.
Cafe culture is just not me.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

What a fabulous looking day! Boy do I miss gum trees. I'm not sure why, but they hold a special place in my heart.

Yummy looking food and great cards!

Net said...

Looks like your mother's day was perfect! The cards look fantastic, I'll definitely have to look into that Klutz book, it looks brilliant!

BigCat said...

It sounds like such a wonderful day. Lovely to have so many Mum's and kids around to share it together.

Ruth said...

Ooh... What a lovely Mother's Day you had!