Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Coming up for air...

Well it has been a record for me in terms of blog absences. I seemed to blink and suddenly almost two months have passed. In fairness though it has been two months of big stuff. Big family stuff. Busy stuff. Nothing terrible. Just difficulties, busyness, illness - lots of 'out of the ordinary' things to deal with. As Pip so eloquently put it on her own blog - "a bit of a rough trot".

But I am being cautiously optimistic that we are coming to the end of our spate of high hurdles. Still not ready to reopen the ol' Etsy shop, or pay daily visits to the sewing machine again. But hopeful that I can at least start to rebuild the relationship with the Janome sometime soon :)

And what exactly do a pair of frilly undies have to do with all this, you may rightly ask? Well not much, except that these are pretty much the last thing I sewed before things came to a screeching halt. I was lucky enough to be a pattern tester for Benita's (from Bettsy Kingston) adult frilly knickers pattern. You may already know that Benita makes the most breathtakingly beautiful ruffle bloomers for babies (so lovely I was actually sad when Kate toilet trained and no longer required nappy covers!!!!). So needless to say I jumped at this opportunity. And I was really happy with them - so totally burlesque I must say. So keep an eye out for Benita's MYO store for when she releases the pattern. They really were so fun to make (and fun to wear, but I'm certainly not going into that here..*cough cough*)!!!!

So that's it from me. Just felt the need to finally visit my blog and dip my toe in the waters again I guess. Still not ready to promise anything like regular blogging yet. Right now I'm dead keen on exercising my head off, making fresh juices, and listening to lots of new music (totally loving La Roux and Midnight Juggernauts at the moment). And playing with the kids. And smoochin' my lovely husband. And making homemade sushi and drinking green tea. All the good nurturing stuff. Stuff that's good to do after a bit of a rough trot!!

Hope you have all been taking care of yourselves too.