Monday, November 30, 2009

Forget the dishes...

It's no real secret around here that housework has been taking a backseat to mad preparations for the BrisStyle Indie Designers Market coming up this weekend. But Jade and I have taken it a step further by using the humble tea-towel for something a little less mundane than polishing watermarks off cutlery (hey, who am I kidding - have I EVER cleaned watermarks off cutlery? Well no - but hey, I have seen it done in restaurants).

I'd like to call these something fancy like 'the tea-towel transformation range' but let's be honest - we are pilfering old tea-towels and sewing them up into bags and clutches. Bags and clutches with a talking point though, because surely a bag that says 'fairy penguins' on the front is not something you see being toted around the city every day :)

Anyway, I think they're turning out kinda ok - dad's handmade wooden buttons lend themselves well to the lovely linen tea-towels. Combined with either recycled fabrics, or organic hemp canvases, these bags are most definitely one-offs, and will not be available in our Etsy shop (unless of course they don't all sell at the BrisStyle market, in which case they may appear in the Etsy shop sometime after that...).

Right - better get back to it I suppose. I will definitely be popping back into this blog sooner rather than later as I am currently wearing some gorgeous jewellery that I am dying to blog about. But I want to take a bit more time on that post as I just know I'm gonna go all 'fan-girl' on that one. For now, it's sew sew sew for the next five days.