Saturday, September 29, 2007

Good stuff

A great ad by GetUp Australia which has been funded entirely by donations by the Australian public. I think it speaks for itself...

Friday, September 28, 2007

No-sew improv.

We went to a 3 year old's birthday party yesterday, and I decided to dress Kate in a top she was given last Christmas. It is a size 0, but the straps were still ridiculously big on her (14 months and still not fitting into a 9 month old's clothes - sheesh!). I contemplated taking them up, but as usual we were running late, so I grabbed a ribbon from my stash, and just tied them up at the back. I think it actually looked pretty cute, so maybe I'll just leave it that way until she grows into the top properly.

Oh, and on an entirely unrelated note, here are the pics of the zip pouch I made for mum to go with her lunch bag. It is similar fabric - both a lovely toile from Sis Boom.

It turned out ok, but I think the heavier fabric I used on the one I made for myself worked better for this type of pouch. This here is mine:

And lastly, no pics of the kitchen yet. We have the rangehood being installed today, then all we need is to put up the splashback, install the pantry shelves, and wire up the oven, and we will have a fully functioning kitchen. I'll post some pics once everything is done and dusted.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

a little space

...something we haven't had much of lately. Well, actually, on the one hand we have a lot more physical space now, as we have FINALLY moved back into our house, after four months of renovations. But as for mental space...well, no room to swing a cat so to speak. Obviously, all things crafty and fun have been put on hold for a while as we try and get ourselved established in our old/new house. But I did have time to quickly whip up a zip pouch for mum to keep her purse, phone and keys in while she's using her lunch bag. I will post a pic as soon as I find where we packed the camera....

Anyway, things aren't quite finished (although hopefully the dishwasher will be installed today - yay!), we still have tradespeople coming and going each day, and we still have all our food in tubs. But now, after three days of complete chaos and slightly overwhelmed kids, I am happy to say I am sitting on our back deck, watching the treetops swaying softly in the breeze, and enjoying a little space...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

One in the bag

I did it! I was so worried I would muff this bag, as it is the first thing I have made upon request, and is only the second bag I have ever made. I really wanted to get it right, and luckily, I had two solid hours of sewing time SANS kids and was able to get it all done in one go. Bliss bliss bliss!!! Being able to concentrate on a single task without interruption just felt so luxurious. The bag (which, as mentioned in a previous post) will be mum's lunch bag, is getting its first test run tomorrow. Hopefully it should work out well - I even pre-washed the fabric and reinforced all the seams. Can you tell I'm just a little proud of myself? I am now already planning my next bag - for myself of course.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Spring has sprung

I can smell it. That indefinable aroma of spring. And it's not just the smell, it's the sounds, the light, the slight haziness of the air and the mildness of the breeze against my skin. Makes me want chink wine glasses over a meal at an alfresco restaurant, or sit on the front deck of our house, drink crisp Rogers beer and watch the sun set over the trees.....all things that are not really possible with two small children. Sunset being feeding time at the zoo when the mad rush for dinner, bath and bed is happening, and restaurants being limited to child friendly ones that definitely do NOT have seating where kids can run onto the road...but ahhhhh, all the's Spring!

I took the kids into mum and dad's garden yesterday (yes, we are STILL living with my parents while our house is being renovated, but that's another story entirely) and we went on a flower hunt. Looking for all the new growth and little flower buds that are starting to sprout after our recent rain. Not much loot to be found yet - but Lee had lots of fun collecting these:

And Kate had a great time pulling petals off the lantana flowers and throwing them everywhere, while saying "wower".

There's nothing like nature, happy kids, and the smell of Spring to drag you into the present moment. It was lovely. I must try to stay here more often.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A new project

Received my lovely fabric by Sis Boom today, which will hopefully end up as a nice tote for my mum to take her lunch to work in.

Currently she is using this:


Say no more!

I am going to follow the pattern from bend-the-rules SEWING by Amy Karol from Angry chicken. This is a fantastic book, and my favourite at the moment.

I have already made a small tote for Lee that I am quite pleased with, so hopefully this one will turn out just as well. Stay tuned for progress updates!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lucky duck

Went to a car boot sale last Sunday, and amongst other various treasures we picked up, was this gorgeous little hand knitted duck. Kate picked him from a long line of little ducks, and I think she made a good choice. He really has personality doesn't he! The lady who made him had the most beautiful array of hand-knitted goods. I also bought some beautiful knitted Christmas baubles, and Lee chose a little knitted Santa. Almost inspired me to have a crack at learning to knit.....but I just don't think I could handle counting all those stiches....maybe one day.

Friday, September 7, 2007

The first test...

OK, here it is, the very first post. After this, I promise I will get out of my dressing gown and do something more productive. Does taking the kids to a cafe count as productive?