Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Granny Dud!!!

Yep, that's me. Had lots of fun at Brown Owls on the weekend learning how to crochet a granny square. Or in my case how to *ahem* NOT crochet a granny square.

Not going to say exactly which one is mine. Let me just put the words "not a square" and "technicolour vomit" out there. And leave it at that.

For a close look at a much prettier square made on the day, check out the Bondville blog. And spend some time there. There's much to browse and covet, and Steph has been saying some very lovely things about our recent Eco Etsy joy. Thanks Steph!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thank you thank-you thank-you!!!!!

So many thank-yous...so little time....but here goes!!

Firstly, thank-you to everyone who voted for our Macchiato Shoulder Bag in Etsy's Best Eco Finds. Jade and I are over the moon to discover that our bag came in at number 10, which is just amazing!!!! You can read all about the winning item (an awesome recycled steel fire pit!!!) here if you're interested :).

I'm also very happy to add that the bag that was featured is now off to a new home, and will be taking up residence with a fellow blogger Rebekah from Don't Call Me Becky (who by the way makes truly sensational quilts - check out her blog to see what she's up to).

Secondly, a huge thank-you to Cam from Curly Pops blog and shop who also featured one of our coffee bags on the fantastic Cuteable website where she was recently the guest blogger. It was such a thrill just to see our name on the Cuteable site, but to be featured by such a lovely and talented crafter as Cam...well, it just makes me go all mushy. Thanks Cam, and thanks Lynsey (from Cuteable) also!!!

Thirdly, thank-you to Therese from Little Mary Moo blog and shop who featured the Macchiato Shoulder Bag on her blog. Therese has been very busy not only sewing up gorgeous bags and purses for her own shop (all created with gorgeous Australian made hand screen printed fabrics) but has also been teaching her own daughter, and even her friend's daughter, how to sew!! So great to see a whole new generation getting the crafty bug. Way to go Therese :D

Fourthly, another thank-you to Chrisy from Sophism Press blog and Art Decadence who has been featuring my Flickr pics on her sidebar for the last few days. Chrisy finds the most amazing things to showcase on her blog, and covers so many interesting subjects from art history, to poetry, to the meaning of art and beauty. Thank-you Chrisy, I am honored to be featured on your always interesting and beautiful blog.

Fifthly (is this a word? Sorry this is getting ridiculous I know...) Anastasia from Anastasia Drawing and Dreaming blog, and Percival Road Designs, has featured Jade's Creme Brulee Pochette on her gorgeous blog. I have ordered some of Anastasia's gift tags before and I can honestly say they are even more beautiful in real life than in the photos (and this is saying something as the photos are so darn pretty themselves!). Thank-you for featuring a Beckybean bag in your wishlist. We're super chuffed!!

OK, I hear you. Enough of the thank-yous already. How about an ON TIME Watcha Wearing Wednesday pic! Check it out. First time I've been on time in while. And not in my pyjamas. Woo hoo!

The temperature has actually dropped below 25 degrees Celsius today so I'm in a cardy (I know, I'm such a wuss when it comes to the cold). And my little birdy brooch from In My Backyard. The very first thing I ever bought off Etsy. Not a super exciting pic I know. But at least I'm not a slob today. And that makes me happy. Happy Wednesday everyone :)
XX Bec

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The exciting, and the not so exciting...

OK, first for the exciting. Discovered that one of our new bags have made it into the top 60 nominations for Eco Friendly Items on the Etsy website. Woo Hoo!!!!

Amongst some really great company there, including FIVE other BrisStyle gals (go REread, Ruby2GoGo, Pedrosprout, Art Decadence and Epheriell). And what's really great is that the bag in question is one of our new coffee sack bags (the "Macchiato").

Nice to see one of the new additions to the range going down well. This bag is made from a coffee sack, a reclaimed upholstery remnant, and recycled buttons.

If you would like to cast your vote for your favourite eco-friendly item you can do so HERE. But no pressure to vote for us - Jade and I are just super happy to have one of our bags nominated.

So yay!!! That was the exciting bit (well, exciting for us anyway).

In other not so exciting news, here is my Watcha Wearing Wednesday pic. Boring as all get-up I'm afraid. And a day late. Again. I was so uninspired by my own hastily thrown together outfit I didn't even bother getting off the phone to take the photo. So yeah, this is multi-tasking in action - something I am notoriously bad at (as this blurry photo reveals).

The top is a very lovely hand-me-down from a very lovely friend in Melbourne. The jeans are my comfy old faithfuls, and the shoes are my new favourites. I'm sure that one day I might actually be wearing something interesting for WWW. Even though Wednesdays are often 'around the house' days, I might just have to frock up just so I am not boring myself stupid while taking my own photo!!!

Ok, and if you're even still reading after that mind-numbing waffle, here's a reward. Head on over to the BrisStyle blog, for your chance to win this.

Or these.

The apron is by the irrepressible Louise from Made by Miffy, and the gorgeous brooches are by the equally gorgeous Chris from Little Chrissy. I highly recommend reading their interviews - bright, interesting, inspiring, and very entertaining. And leave a little comment on the blog post for a chance to win (winner is drawn on 25th April).

And that my friends, is that. Thanks for hanging in there :P


Thursday, April 9, 2009

WWW - On Grouse Thursday???

Has anyone else heard of Grouse Thursday (ie. the Thursday prior to Good Friday) or did my lovely husband make it up? He left this morning saying "Woo Hoo - Grouse Thursday"!!! Then proceeded to insist it is 'real' day. I have googled it. Nothing. Nadda. Thinking it may just be a Melbourne term my husband and his group of friends made up during one of their many drinking sessions as teenagers.....and it has just persisted into his adulthood.....hmmmm.....Anyway, regardless - I like it. And I do indeed plan on having a grouse Thursday!

Thinking I may be the slackest Watcha Wearing Wednesday player here? Check out Fi's blog for other more uh...punctual players. So sorry. Once again however, the photo itself WAS taken on Wednesday. Just before I hit the hay.

My favourite cosy bed attire - super-soft plaid flannelette pj bottoms, and a very old and comfortable maternity top (that I bought second-hand off ebay when I was pregnant with Kate).

Remembered to take the photo as I was waiting in the kitchen for my lavender wheat bag to heat up in the microwave.

We had all been out to the first ever Rocklea Twilight Markets (same farmers markets we go to every Saturday morning for our weekly shop and outdoor breakfast). It was great. All my efforts at getting my kids to both have a big sleep in the day paid off, and they were both bright and sparkly and SO excited about the mini ferris wheel with the coloured lights all over it. So we all had a lovely time buying fresh bread, fruit and veg, and eating wood fired pizza outside while listening to some live music (and of course, waving balloons in the air whilst having a ride on the colourful ferris wheel).

Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday night. And as always, the whole extended family came along, so all ten of us traipsed around saying 'hi' to all the stallholders (who I'm sure must think of us as the Beverly Hillbillies or something, as we tend to get around like a big loud tribe complete with whooping kids) and generally having a wonderful time.

I also bought home these lovelies, and am looking forward to watching all the blooms pop open over the long weekend.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter. And even more importantly - a Grouse Thursday!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Minty goodness!!!

So absolutely stoked to have a Beckybean bag featured in the current issue of Peppermint Magazine.

If you haven't check out Australia's first eco fashion mag then you really should hot-foot it to a newsagent now. It's full of fresh green fashion, and I'm still pinching myself to think that one of our bags is featured amongst such fabulous designers as Kara Smith. Wow!!!

There are also another two BrisStyle girls who have been featured in the magazine, so look out for Michelle's gorgeous Pedrosprout booties, and the wonderful feature of Ali's Jellygnite shop.

Have also had the pleasure of being featured on the Designer's Emporium blog as well, which is another fantastic online read, covering the works of new and independent designers, crafters and artists.

Ok, time to stop feeling fabulous now, and pull on the old swimmers for the kids swimming lessons. I'm such a wuss. The water is heated to 32 degrees and I still find it too cold. Eeekkk!

Bring on the weekend I say. Fresh coffee, fresh bread, fresh flowers, and a fresh new magazine to devour.

Hope you weekend is full of Autumnal bliss :D


Coffee bags are GO!!!!

As promised, Jade and I have been making bags from coffee sacks, courtesy of the lovely folk at Brisbane's boutique coffee chain, Merlo. Lots of fun actually, apart from getting little bits of hessian hair everywhere (once the bags are made we seal them with a water-based non toxic sealant to prevent the 'shedding').

Short Black Handbag (...better get moving...)

This little prototype bag had it's first run out at the Artists, Bloggers, Crafters and Designers meet up at the Brisbane Powerhouse last night (thank-you Steph from Bondville and Kim from Udessi for organising - it was a great night!!!).

These two have already gone off to new homes:

Long Black Tote (It's only words...)

Flat White Shoulder Bag (...another early morning flight...)

And there are another three in the shop. We have decided to name the bags according to snippits of conversation heard in coffee shops. So of course going out for coffee is now a work expense :P

Latte Shoulder Tote (...loving this rain...)

Long Black Tote (...and the winner is...)

Macchiato Shoulder Bag (...such a cherry picker...)

Now after all this talk of coffee, guess what I feel like?