Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bon voyage, Snoozy Woo

This little doll was sent off last week for a surprise softie swap. Now that she has been received I can introduce you to her.

A long time ago I had an idea for a basic design for a doll, based on my daughter Kate. Kate is almost two, and since she was only a few months old, she has had very little hair, except for a long snow white tuft in the middle of her head that curls straight up. So when the opportunity came to take part in the EB softie swap, I figured I would try to bring the idea to life.

And so Snoozy Woo was born, amidst a lot of swearing, unpicking, and finger-pricking. Previous to this I have made a couple of Moopies (after buying the pattern from Nest Studio), and have also made a very sorry looking sock elephant. So perhaps a little more softie-making experience would have made the construction process a lot easier. But hey, I got there in the end.

Her name is Snoozy Woo, and she is a girl who likes to take time to smell the roses. She is daydreamy, enjoys poetry by the Romantics, and knows the value of a nice midday nap!

And so she was shipped off last week, with a little flower clip in her hair (which is actually a detachable brooch) and her little handbag, in which she is carrying a handwritten note of her favourite poem - (and amazingly, it is also one of MY favourite poems :P)

The lovely Adds (aka The Humming Cat) has already taken a photo of Snoozy Woo in her new home, having a nice kip while leaning up against a tree!

Hhhhhmmmmm, an outside snooze in the shade of a tree - how perfect xxx


Sherrin said...

how cute is this little dude!! love her matching bag. :o)

Bird Bath said...

Oh I think snoozy woo is adorable- she looked so comfy at her new home dozing in the shade.Isn't it cute how inspiring our littles ones can be :) and as for thos red jingly slippers ...I bet they make you smile whenever you see them.

Car said...

Awww Bec, she definately reminds me of Kate :)

You've done a marvelous job, puts my mabel monkey to shame ;)

Snoozy woo ~ I hope you enjoy your new home with Adds!

2paw said...

Oh she's perfect and so complete with her own handbag and literary accompaniment!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Snoozy Woo is super cute - her name suits her perfectly! Love all the little details - the bag, the brooch etc.

elisabeth said...

i'm a woo!! that's so exciting!!