Friday, December 11, 2009

BrisStyle Market - oh so good!

Well it has taken me almost a full week to recover, but the BrisStyle market was not just a full-on on day. It was seriously fun too!!!

Nice steady day without getting too manic at any one time (due to Helen's amazing reorganisation of the set-up we had no crushing crowds or bottlenecks - just a steady stream of happy relaxed people wandering through, buying up, and enjoying the ambiance!).

As for Jade and I, we had a great day. Much of our stock was depleted by the end of the day, and our own shopping bags were bulging with purchases from many other BrisStylettes (I haven't taken photos yet but I came home with wonderful goods from EmBelish, Jellygnite, Shazzabeth, Jetta's Nest, Edward and Lilly, Little Mary Moo, Flight Industries Hot Fudge, Chi Cuff, Kitty Boo Boo Little Chrisy, Twinkle Star Art and Made by Miffy). Oh, and that doesn't count the stalls that my husband took the kids to so they could buy me my Christmas presents... Yippee!!

Of course there were many many other beautiful things I could have spent my profits on....but I guess I'll just have to stalk Etsy for those!!

So I'll leave you with a couple of crowd pics from the day, but if you'd like to have a squiz at all the other stalls (and they're worth checking out, trust me - some very inspiring set-ups and product displays), visit Chi Cuff's Flickr Photostream. Her wonderful husband Darren from Kish Photography and Design took photos of every stall, so grab a cuppa and sit down for a fun tour of all the BrisStyle goodies on display at the market. Now back to the post-market cleaning up....whhheeeee!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Are you ready for this?

Why yes, for once in my life I actually am. Fancy that! I have everything packed by the door ready to load up at 6.30am tomorrow. I have painted my toenails (because that's totally essential for a successful market day right?) and I'm actually sitting here playing on the interwebs. I know!!!

So if you're in Brissy tomorrow and feel like a bit of shopping, live music, tasty cupcakes and fresh coffee, then get thee to the BrisStyle Christmas Market. Jade and I will be in the hall, next to the divine Robyn from Hot Fudge - if you do come please stop and say hi. It'll be a hoot!!!

See you on the other side folks!