Friday, August 28, 2009

If you feel like a smile...

I dare you to watch this without grinning from ear to ear.

I am currently making pizzas, drinking Cascade Green, and just did a random search on Google for some 'Friday night music' to see what came up.

This is what came up. It made me ridiculously happy and there's no way I cannot share it. Enjoy :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Congratultions Christina!!

Well today is the day folks. My, how the weeks are quickly flying by!

I have just fired up the ol' random number generator, and computer says that the winner of the Beckybean Eco Market Tote is...(drumroll.....):

Christina from A little bird told me.

Congratulations Christina!!! If you could send me your address to I will pop your bag in the mail this week!!!

But never fear folks, if you are not the winner here, you might light to check out Jade's blog (assuming you entered the giveaway for her Eco Market Tote there) as Jade has also announced her winner today.

Hope you've had a happy Monday everyone,


Monday, August 10, 2009

BrisStyle's Ekka Sale!!

Oops, can't believe I almost forgot to post about this - a testament to how busy things are around these parts at the moment I guess!!

Anyway, the lovely BrisStyle crew are having a sale to celebrate Brisbane's annual Ekka (The ‘Ekka’ being the annual agricultural show held in Brisbane, Australia - a fun-packed 10 days of bright lights and rides, local produce, entertainment and cute animals!)

There are loads of bargains up for grabs, free postage and in some cases gifts with purchases! Check out this post for links to BrisStyle Etsy shops taking part.

As for Jade and I, we are offering 10% off everything in our Beckybean shop, plus free postage within Australia. Simply select the 'Other' payment option when going through the checkout, and we will send you a revised PayPal invoice with the 10% off. Or if forget and pay the full price, we will refund you the 10% into your PayPal account. Easy peasy!

Happy Monday everyone (and don't forget about our Eco Market Tote double giveaway - still HEAPS of time to enter) :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Beckybean Double Giveaway!!

Just ducking quickly back into Blogland to announce the giveaway I mentioned was coming in the last post (forever ago - I know!!) Things are still crazy, busy and happy around these parts, and I am hoping to get time to get things a bit more updated in a couple of weeks.

But for now, Jade and I are celebrating the launch of a new retail outlet in West End (Brisbane, Australia) that will be stocking our Eco Market Totes. The very lovely Michelle (yes, she of Pedrosprout fame) has opened her very own shop call Nook, which is a treasure trove of quirky, handmade goodness - much of it eco too!

So to win the Eco Market Tote pictured above, simply leave a comment here, and then pop over to Jade's blog for a chance to win another Eco Market Tote there too! This tote is made from recycled fabrics, with a panel of hand screenprinted fabric by Hollabee, and two handmade wooden buttons (one on the front and one on the strap) that have been made by our Dad from recycled redgum offcuts. There is a handy pocket on the inside too.

And of course, if you're in Brisbane, head on over to Nook for a unique shopping experience. You can even grab a coffee and some tasty treats from one of the cafes in the street and make a nice afternoon of it :)

That's it folks. Short and sweet. Will be back on Monday 24th August to draw a winner, and try and get back into the ol' blog saddle. If I'm lucky I might get back on before then. But I'm not holding my breath....

Speaking of breath...time to draw a deep one and dive back into the crazy family madness that is birthdays, holidays and full-on family fun. I'll leave you with a few images of what we've been up to lately :)

Take care all XXX Bec