Thursday, March 26, 2009

Watcha Wearing Wednesday...on Thursday...

Well it's only my second week of joining in with Fi's Watcha Wearing Wednesday, and already I'm a day late. To be honest, I'd completely forgotten about it until about 9pm last night. So of course it was too late to snap my outfit without having to use the flash (urggh!!!).

So. Creative option nubmer 1. Lie on the kitchen bench under the flourescent light to try and get some decent lighting..... By the way, if you're ever tempted to try this - don't. It didn't work.

Creative option number 2. This was a much better idea. Sit on a bar stool, whack my feet up onto the bench, and photograph my shoes. Worked out quite well actually, as these were by far the best part of today's outfit anyway (which also consisted of jeans with a hole in the knee, and a wrinkled t-shirt).

I LOVE these shoes. Bought them from Camper while in Melbourne at Christmas time. SO comfy, and just so darn handsome if I do say so myself. I always feel like I look much cooler than I really am when I wear these shoes. Which is probably not true at all. I probably look as dorky as I really am. But hey, it's all about feeling good right?

Actually, considering how new these shoes are, they are looking a bit scuffy already aren't they. I'm starting to think this blog may reveal me as a person who is not very good at looking after their shoes....or their kitchen bench come to think of it (although I promise I do not make a habit of sitting with my feet up on food preparation surfaces. Honest!!)...

For more Watcha Wearing Wednesday musings check out the blog list on Fi's blog. I'm sure the other players probably have much more exciting things to talk about than just their shoes and their kitchen hygiene standards.....


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Watcha Wearing Wednesday

Thought I would play along with Fi's Watcha Wearing Wednesday for a bit. Try and motivate myself to blog a bit more frequently :)

So today's wardrobe is decidedly un-Brisbanesque. I guess it's actually kinda Melbourny, i.e. black!!

The shoes are my old faithful Naots that are SO super comfy, albeit in that 'starting to look a bit scruffy' kinda way. And the little hairy bits you can see covering my dress are from carting a heap of coffee sacks from the car to the 'sewing storage area' (ie. floor of the rumpus room). Will have some coffee sack prototype bags to show you soon!!! Wee hee!!! The chocolate smearing at the bottom of the dress is courtesy of Kate. She must have done it this morning when Jade and I had coffee at the Merlo Coffee warehouse in Brisbane (we were given a great tour of their roasting facilities, as well as some fantastic coffee sacks to turn into new bag creations). And of course, I've been out and about all day and only now noticed the chocolate detailing at the bottom of my dress. Ripper!

My one concession to colour today is the Starashan brooch given to me by the lovely Sherrin. I now have three of her gorgeous fabric brooches and I wear them all the time.

Thanks Fi for letting me play, and make sure you check out the blogs of other WWW players at Fi's blog.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Feelin' the passion for Wardrobe Refashion - Part 1

I've been following Nikki's Wardrobe Refashion blog for quite some time now. I've also been doing lots of making and refashioning, but rarely get around to blogging it all (hence why I have never officially joined the Wardrobe Refashion blog - just can't commit to the weekly posting part...). And for reasons soon to be revealed, I've been especially inspired lately, and rather than just making clothing from recycled fabric remnants, I've decided to start actually reworking existing articles of clothing. And here is my first.

Phoofy 80s dress, probably made for a 12 or 13 year old girl, given how tight it was across my post babies non-existent bosoms.

Turned into a dress whose shape is inspired by a beautiful handmade dress I recently purchased from Victoria n' Bird from Etsy for my birthday.

It's still a little more full than I'd prefer, but given the whole refashion cost $4 and took about half an hour, I'm pretty chuffed.

As my son would say, "crackerlackerlicious" (it's his new word - thanks Madagasca 2!!!!!)

And the reason for being extra-inspired lately? Well, the Stitches and Craft show is about to start in Melbourne in only two days and I am very excited, as Nikki has organised a Wardrobe Refashion Fashion Show, and Jade and I will have six of our Beckybean bags heading down the catwalk. Can't wait for it to come to Brisbane and see it all in person. I'll show the bags in another post soon. Whhheeeeee!!!! Crackerlackerlicious!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Ladybird love!!!

Boy I'm a lucky ducky lately! Remember how last post I showed you the beautiful 'Lola Ladybird' that I won from Lin at Paper Doll?

Well only a week later I had a lovely email from Katie from Kitty Boo Boo that I had also won her Lady Beetle Clippies!!!! I think the universe is trying to tell me something....just not quite sure what yet. Be nice to Ladybirds?

I must admit though, I've always had a special affection for these gorgeous little creatures. As a kid I would build ladybird amusement parks under a tree in our backyard (ok, so maybe they were just piles of vine leaves and sticks, but in my juvenile imagination those leaves and sticks made for a pretty exciting place with slides and tunnels...those ladybirds were whoopin' it up in there I assure you). And when we first moved to Brisbane I built a big veggie garden that was my pride and joy, and I loved seeing ladybirds crawling all over my produce - eating all those nasty aphids!! If I ever found a stray ladybird I would promptly move it to one of my cucumber plants. I figured it would be doing me a favour, and I was introducing it to an all-you-can-eat buffet!

And of course, I can't possibly mention my ladybird love without referring to the love/hate relationship I have with my most extravagant Alannah Hill ladybird shoes (scroll to the bottom of this post to find out why).

So thank-you thank-you thank-you Katie, I love these little clippies, and the extra ones you threw in for Kate are very well loved too (what little girly-girl doesn't love love-hearts!!!).

If you're thinking it might be time to generate a little ladybird luck of your own, you might like to head over to some of these blogs for some more excellent giveaways. Isn't there always some fun and generous happenings going on in blogland - in fact, Katie herself is doing regular giveaways of sewing patterns at the moment, in a bid to destash a bit. So keep checking her blog for her pattern giveaways!!

Also, the March giveaways are now up on the BrisStyle blog, with two lovely members giving away some goods. Miriam from Bubba Chenille is giving away a pink and brown chenille zip bag,

and Christine from Little Diva Crafts is giving away a little girl's utility apron,

as well as a card/coin purse in gorgeous Amy Butler fabric.

And the girls Bel and Em from EmBelISH have just written their 100th post, so are now having a huge giveaway of a number of their gorgeous accessories.

Lastly, Hayley from REread is giving away a flying duck on her blog - and also offers a very entertaining read as well. She quacks me up (boom boom!!).

May the luck of the ladybird be with you all!