Monday, October 20, 2008

Bouncy castles are STILL genius!

Image by mrmoorey

Due to lots of things happening over the last week (none which are interesting enough to talk about, but all of which kept me from doing anything even remotely bloggy-related) I missed Drewzel's Blogtoberfest Fave Friday (sorry!), where she posted her fav all time song. Well I don't think I could possibly have narrowed it down to one. However, I realised that I have had a certain song stuck in my head for quite some time now, and it's got to the point where my husband and I have been singing it so much that my son now even knows the words. Actually, it's not a song, so much as a 'crimp'. Mighty Boosh fans will know what I'm talking about. Check it out here - it's fantastic - (sorry, the BBC won't let me embed it - you'll have to watch it on youtube. Trust me though, it's worth it.)

And if you REALLY love it, then you can learn the words here - they're very easy, and SOOOOOOO addictive.

I think I've become a bit of a crimping machine. I've been singing it to my 7 month old nephew lately to (I sing the song, he does the 'bouncy bouncy' moves) and he LOVES it. What can I say, the boy's got taste!!!

I've also been tagged by PinkLizzy for the 6 random things meme. I know I've done this one before, but I figured since I've been thinking about music a lot lately (I'm also re-reading High Fidelity for book club, so I've developed the habit of categorising things into 'top five' lists) that I'd just adapt this meme a bit, and make it a bit of a High Fidelity meets RocKwiz kinda theme. (And sorry, but I couldn't stick to just 6, so I've added an extra random question).

I won't tag anyone, but play if you want, and let me know so I can come check out your answers!

1. Your first musical idol.

When I was a kid my musical idol was Tiny Tina Arena. I desperately wanted to be on Young Talent Time and be the one singing "someone left the cake out in the rain..."

2. Your biggest musical shame/embarrassment.

When I was a teenager I was a headbanging metal fan. Not the hardcore stuff like Metallica. I was into Motley Crue, Guns n Roses (the early stuff, not the later stuff), Poison (eeek, I know!), and all the other glam metal bands. I even played bass guitar in my own little garage metal band. We were called Mary Jane. Of course.

3. Your special musical talent?

I know the words to more kids' songs than my kids' music teacher. This never ceases to amaze me (I also know the associated actions and dance moves, and it also amazes me that other parents don' this not normal???)

4. A musical thing that you wouldn't do in public.

I am great at changing the words to songs on the spur of the moment to fit whatever it is I want to tell my kids. I can even make them rhyme in the right places (maybe I should have been a freestyin' rapper). And scarily, my son seems to have inherited this talent, so we sometimes conduct whole conversations 'in song'!!! Not in public, of course.

5. The last band you saw live.

Machine Gun Fellatio which was about 4 years ago. They were pretty good.

6. Favourite live music experience.

Seeing The Eels play about 8 years ago. And I didn't even pay for the tickets (won a RRR giveaway). It wasn't a 'jump around and go nuts' kind of event. More a sit down and watch and listen carefully because you didn't want to miss a thing because it was all so intricate and subtle and well....just awesome!!!

7. If you could see any band/musician live tomorrow, who would it be?

They Might Be Giants. Because I've never seen them live and I'm afraid I never will, and I'd SOOOOO love to. I mean, come on, how awesome is this song.

It's jumpy, it's happy, and hey, it's even educational :P


Karen said...

Sadly I must confess to owning the 'Tiny Tina Arena and Little Johnny Bowles" album!
I remember that Macarthur's Park song you refer to in your opening point too, oh dear!

flossy-p said...

OMG! You guys can do the Bouncy Bouncy crimp?!!! You're my new hero's! That's just way too cool!

Hot Fudge said...

What are you doing to me? Before this morning I was blissfully ignorant of the Bouncy Bouncy world, but now I'm addicted. You have a lot to answer for!

I do have some musical moments and will try to get them on my blog by the end of the day.

Drewzel said...

Fantastic post, yay! I'll do the meme tomorrow :D

potty mouth mama said...

HOt damn girl, this is such a fun and cool post. I loved every moment of it.

I met the guys from MGF a few years ago and they were super nice and of course, super dooper funny.

Did you know They Might Be Giants have kids albums? Very cool!

Net said...

Hey Bec, great to see you again! (in blog terms I mean). Brilliant post - the Mighty Boosh are awesome!

Ali said...

Great post, thanks Bec!
I can certainly relate to your 'metal' phase as I too succumbed to Poison and Guns 'n Roses ... ah, those were the days! (I was so surprised that mum let me play them in the house ...obviously not as 'bad' as I thought they were!!)

Hey Harriet said...

I like your diverse taste in music (except for Tina Arena). The Eels must have been a fantastic experience. I'd also love to see TMBG! You never know, they may tour here. They still regularly play live in NY, & I'm sure other parts of the world. I enjoyed High Fidelity heaps! Both versions, book & movie! My fave scene was where Jack Black was ranting like a loon about how awful Belle & Sebastian were. I was on the floor laughing. I actually really like B&S, so I'm not sure why I found the scene so funny...

Fun post Bec! :)

shells said...

Jumping castles - awesome. The Mighty Boosh - genius. High Fidelity - haven't actually read the book, though I want to. I love the movie. And I'm a manical music fan and a compulsive list maker. I think I have to play this game.

shells said...

Haha, I just read through your answers properly, I work in childcare, and I'm not even a parent, but I know all the words, actions and names of all the songs and shows and everything. And I get the songs stuck in my head and I'll find myself humming the Playschool theme at the supermarket checkout. I have recieved many strange looks over the years.

Loz and Dinny said...

Gees Louise - I too change the words to songs on the spot to suit various purposes - see there must be a special DNA strand for this delicate musical art form!! I loved early Gunners - everyone needs a little bogan - it's good for the soul.

Paula Weston said...

Great post Bec! I reckon you should put up one of your old Mary Jane era photos. I know you still have them somewhere...

And also, I'm sure it was just an oversight to forget to mention the greatest big hair glam metal band of the 80s: Whitesnake, right??

Betty Jo said...

I was lucky enough to see "They Might be Giants" at the Old Greek theatre.I signed the mailing list and they sent me some cool merchandise in the mail...In fact I now remember my husband's (then my BF) band supported them! I can't believe I forgot that.

Lisa B. said...

What a fun post! Thanks for the entertainment...and the education! Bouncy Bouncy:D

Oh..and Hi! I stopped over from Hey Harriets...nice to make your acquaintance:)

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I would love to see They Might Be Giants too! Years ago, one of my friends was given tickets to their concert by the boys themselves as she had been their air-hostie. She didn't know who they were and didn't go and told me about it the day after the concert. I nearly killed her!