Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day Three: Vintage Children's Illustrations

Busy day today, so here's a quick one. My Big Christmas Book, by Hayden McAllister. Illustrations are not credited, which is a shame as I really love them and would love to know who created them.

So many pictures in this book would make gorgeous cards.

I can't find a publishing date on this book, but I'm guessing it would date somewhere in the 70s. If anyone has any ideas about the pictures, I'd love to hear them! All I know is the name of the author, and that this edition was produced for Peter Haddock Limited by Asset Publishing limited. And that it was printed in Czechoslovakia.

I wish I could dress like these kids below. Love their style!

Have a great day everyone!

Oops, just editing this to add that in my rush out the door this morning I forgot to add that you can find more gorgeous illustrations on Pip's List, on the Meet Me at Mikes blog. xxx


AnastasiaC said...

so the retro looks but super sweet too!!!

Bird Bath said...

ohh, they are so cute. You're right they would make lovely christmas cards.

Cass said...

Beautiful illustrations

Sherrin said...

wow, these are amazing- and yeah, they would make great cards. Cool outfits- purple jack boy is such a little dude!

Net said...

Oh, these are so great! I love the little buildings, and the snow, and the lights on the christmas tree, and everything about them!