Sunday, March 2, 2008

Catching up (sewing and awards)

This is the catch-up post I've been meaning to do all week. Firstly, I have a very belated thank-you to give. Florence, from Flossie Teacakes very kindly awarded me the ArteyPico award for being creative and inspiring! If you have visited Florence's blog before, you will understand why I feel very humbled by this. I find her blog inspirational on so many levels. Her projects are always brilliant, she parents her children with joy and creativity, and she just has a lovely way of looking at the world.

And so I get to do some award-giving myself, which will be fun. The three people I would like to pass this award onto are:

Leah from Hyena in Petticoats - because she creates fabulous creatures called 'nongs' using gorgeous fabrics, has such an eye for great op shop finds, and because she writes so well, and with a wicked sense of humour. Reading her blog always leaves me feeling uplifted and keen to get cracking!

Vanessa from Knit too! because I love the insight into her creative life, and watching as she discovers new aspects to her craft (which is, obviously - knitting). She has an amazing knack for choosing textures and colours that are 'just right', and she constantly makes me wish I could leave the sub-tropics for a while and spend some time in the snow - just so I can wear cabled beanies and fingerless gloves! And I'm SOOOO jealous of her 'crafternoons'!

Tiel from Tsk Tsk because for one thing her art is beautiful, and she is also very generous about sharing it (you can download some gorgeous wallpapers from her website). I always enjoy reading about what is going on in Tiel's life, as it is full of all the good stuff - art, sewing, food, children.

OK, now onto a couple of meagre finished projects. I feel like I've been working away on lots of bits and pieces lately, but not actually finishing anything. So last week, in desperation, I made this:

Hardly anything to boast about I know. It took me all of 5 mins, and I was looking after four kids under 3.5yrs at the time, so 5 mins was about all I had. And of course once it was made we had to share the wearing of it around (surprisingly, there was not too many tanties!). I'm not sure what it is...I guess it's a tu-tu? Actually it's a piece of scrap tulle I found in an Op Shop for next to nothing, and I thought it would make a fun dress-up skirt. I'm trying to build up a dress-ups collection for the kids, so I'm collecting plastic jewellery, funny hats, and any interesting fabric that can be turned into princessy, ballerinary, cowboyee or piratee things (yep, now I'm just inventing my own words...)

This item is marginally better, but I can only say marginally, as I didn't do a great job on it. In my desperation to get something started and finished in the same day, I made this smock top for Kate on Sunday. It took about 40 mins total, but I think had I taken a full hour and used a bit more care it would have been great. Luckily I have two big flat sheets of this fabric (yep, more Op Shop material) so I can have another crack at this. But this one is fine for just wearing around, and it looks quite sweet on.

I just created a pattern from another smock Kate already owned, and it mostly turned out well, except for the obvious shoddy work that I'm not going to point out. Ah well, I can only say that speed demon sewing is not for me. Clearly. Ahem, next project please!!!


Maggie Pie said...

Nice colour for the tutu. Those smocks are fun/challenging. I've made some reversible versions where you sew two fabrics together and turn inside out. Thrifted fabric is great (that's what I used for the Kindy dress)one can whip something up for instant gratification.

Paula Weston said...

Love the smocks. (Actually, when I first scrolled through the pics I assumed they were for you - such groovy designs!)

I really enjoyed catching up with you too on the weekend. And you're right - blogging definitely makes it easier to be a part of each other's lives. Yay blogging.

bettyninja said...

I think that is what is so special about sewing to me when I was little. That I would ask my mom or granmother or whom ever to make me a little doll dress or a little doll quilt and they would whip something up. The little tutu reminds me of that. As for the smock that is just plain darling. I love the little straps.

Dee said...

You are so clever! I need to get into sewing more, I realy really want to!

Btw .. tag you're it ;)
(see me blog)

tiel said...

aahh, thank you so much. glad to have inspired. You've put a smile on my face today.

Florence said...

Thank you so much for the lovely, lovely things you said about me & my blog! You are very kind.

I am utterly amazed that something as lovely as that smock can be created in a mere 40 minutes! Completely incredible...were you entering a speed-sewing contest? Either way, I'm sure it's only you that notices any faults - it looks perfect from where I'm sitting.

Corrie said...

cute you've got to love the quick tops and there will be quick tops to get out the door in and those you take time with...I don't think anyone will be checking


Net said...

The smock looks gorgeous! and building a dressing up collection is such a great idea - putting a couple of scarves on their heads seems to keep kids happy for hours (I tell them it's what pirates wear.)

Thanks so much for the info on Belle and Boo, I stumbled on her shop on etsy just after asking you about the print!

speak soon, Net.

vanessa.e. said...

Thank you SO MUCH for the award!! I have been starting to write posts for my own bog in response and can't believe how hard it is to only pick 3 blogs. wow, i feel honored to have been chosen by you! really! and it was fun to be introduced to the other blogs you read. such creative spirit out there, i must say!!

thanks again, bec!! I'll be passing the award along soon!

Little Munchkins said...

Quick and easy projects are always very satisfying. The smock looks great to me!

Christina said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog Bec.
I will have a look at your etsy shop when I get a moment, my boy is asleep at the moment and I am rushing around the internet like a mad person, updating, posting, replying!!! I don't know where other mums get the time/energy to do so much.
All I can say is thank the stars I can touch type!
BTW, great idea for dressups, I loved that as a kid

melissa said...

Congratulations on your award! And I must say, your little smock dress is adorable! I love the wild 70ish flowers!

Dana said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please note that the quilt give-away doesn't officially begin until my 200th post. In the 200th post it will tell you how to enter (leaving a comment of course) and it will be then that you are entered. Sorry if there was any confusion.

Lovely blog. I'm off to bookmark it now.