Thursday, April 9, 2009

WWW - On Grouse Thursday???

Has anyone else heard of Grouse Thursday (ie. the Thursday prior to Good Friday) or did my lovely husband make it up? He left this morning saying "Woo Hoo - Grouse Thursday"!!! Then proceeded to insist it is 'real' day. I have googled it. Nothing. Nadda. Thinking it may just be a Melbourne term my husband and his group of friends made up during one of their many drinking sessions as teenagers.....and it has just persisted into his adulthood.....hmmmm.....Anyway, regardless - I like it. And I do indeed plan on having a grouse Thursday!

Thinking I may be the slackest Watcha Wearing Wednesday player here? Check out Fi's blog for other more uh...punctual players. So sorry. Once again however, the photo itself WAS taken on Wednesday. Just before I hit the hay.

My favourite cosy bed attire - super-soft plaid flannelette pj bottoms, and a very old and comfortable maternity top (that I bought second-hand off ebay when I was pregnant with Kate).

Remembered to take the photo as I was waiting in the kitchen for my lavender wheat bag to heat up in the microwave.

We had all been out to the first ever Rocklea Twilight Markets (same farmers markets we go to every Saturday morning for our weekly shop and outdoor breakfast). It was great. All my efforts at getting my kids to both have a big sleep in the day paid off, and they were both bright and sparkly and SO excited about the mini ferris wheel with the coloured lights all over it. So we all had a lovely time buying fresh bread, fruit and veg, and eating wood fired pizza outside while listening to some live music (and of course, waving balloons in the air whilst having a ride on the colourful ferris wheel).

Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday night. And as always, the whole extended family came along, so all ten of us traipsed around saying 'hi' to all the stallholders (who I'm sure must think of us as the Beverly Hillbillies or something, as we tend to get around like a big loud tribe complete with whooping kids) and generally having a wonderful time.

I also bought home these lovelies, and am looking forward to watching all the blooms pop open over the long weekend.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter. And even more importantly - a Grouse Thursday!



littlechrissy said...

Yay happy Grouse Thursday and Easter!

beccasauras said...

Oh, so cute, Grouse Thursday. At least her gets into the spirit of it haha. Not a Sydney term either!

Owl and Fox said...

haha, I love it! Maybe he saw it on "Kath and Kim"? hehe :)

Jade said...

yeah i'm running with a bit of Grouse Thursday myself - enjoying a cold beer as a treat/much needed stimulant seeing as Jett just took an hour to go to sleep for his arvo nap just now...grrr.

well see you tonight anyway where I will continue along this Grouse Thursday with a glass of red :)

Hey Harriet said...

I've been labelled a wimp for wearing my winter PJs already. But it's cold already! So it's a relief to learn that you're a bit wimpy too :)

I've never heard of 'Grouse Thursday' but it's cute. And I hadn't heard the word 'grouse' used in the longest time! Bring it back I say! It's a great word. Hope you are having a Grouse Thursday and you have the Grousest Everest Easter!

Karen said...

It just so happens I did have a particularly 'Grouse' Thursday.
Can't say I think it's part of the religious Easter calendar though!

Hot Fudge said...

Glad you had a grouse Thursday. It's Tony's birthday today, so the Sydney contingent took us to the Ipswich Railway Museum for a treat. I am married to a steam locomotive nut case. God help me.

Hope the rest of the Easter season is grouse for you.

Helen said...

Grouse Post Becarooni xox You can take the Bean out of Melbourne but you can't take Melbourne out of the Bean - he he!

Viva to snuggly PJ wearin' Brisbanians!

Happy Easter xox


Anonymous said...

You do look very snuggly in your PJs. I'm already into my winter PJs too! Glad to hear you had a great 'Grouse Thursday'. I'm not familiar with the term, but I have experienced many 'Grouse Thursdays' when I was a Uni student (the good old days!). I really wish I had a term for it back then ;)

Happy Easter! xo

Rachel said...

The Twilight Market sounds wonderful!

Trish Goodfield said...

Grouse Thursday sounds wonderful. Anyway it's better than the sign I saw outside a Catholic School on Thursday. It referred to Holy Thursday as Holly Thursday. Do you think they could mispell grouse?
PS congrats on the peppermint mag. you are doing a wonderful job with your marketing.