Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Procrastination skirt!

Problem: One hanging wall pocket to be made for Kindy (a bit tedious and more work than I'd imagined), combined with one bored toddler who missed her big kindy brother.

Solution: Procrastination skirt! Drag out the scrap box, let said toddler pick out all her 'favourites' and turn them into a skirt to wear when we pick big brother up from Kindy.

Rating: A big A+ for a super fast project, and AA+ for the sweetness of a two year old walking around telling everyone that she made her own skirt (and mum helped).

In other sweet and scrappy news, some of my fabric bookmarks have been featured on the Sew Mama Sew website, along with some great fabric bookmark tutorials.

So if you're a bookworm (or know somehow who is) and you're in the mood to whip up a few bookmarks yourself, then check it out. Very fun, and there's something so nice about a special bookmark (great presents for teachers too!).

And speaking of all things schoolish (hello segue) do you remember the rhyme "ladybird ladybird fly away home..."

Well this gorgeous little ladybird has flown all the way to its new home with me. Yay!!! The gorgeous Lola Ladybird came from Lin at Paper Doll blog, as a Valentine giveaway. And I was the lucky lucky winner! Can you believe it!! If you don't already know that I have a thing for ladybirds, then check out the shoes at the bottom of this post!! And if you haven't visited Lin's beautiful blog I strongly suggest you do - it is full of beauty and creativity, and it is a real joy to spend time there!

Lastly, I have been very honored to have receive a Proximidade Award from Little Chrissy. Chrissy is an amazingly creative crafter who makes gorgeous brooches, jewellery and even lovely little booties! Thank-you Chrissy, I am really chuffed that you thought of me for this.

Proximidade is described as follows:

This blog invests and believes in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes for self-aggrandizement! Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers!

The only problem with this award is that it is supposed to be passed on to only eight people. And I've no idea how I could possibly narrow down my heaving bloglines AND Google subscriptions to my favourite eight!!!! EEEKKKKK!!! I just can't do it. So can I please just urge you to check out some of the blog links in my blog rolls. Have a peek at a blog you've never read before. You just might find something special :)


PaisleyJade said...

Just love the skirt... might have to give one a go!

Little Diva said...

That's the best procrastinating I've ever seen!! Well done - it's gorgeous.

Love the bookmarks too - very exciting they are featured on the Sew Mama Sew website.

JustJess said...

Bec - great skirt! Please tell us how you did it?! Is there just one or two more in each row of squares? Mum made one just like this for me when I was 4, and I would love to make one for Miss 2. You should procrastinate regularly!!

Bec said...

Hi Jess, I'm a bit embarrassed to tell you how easy it was. I just cut all the squares out freehand, sewed them into thee long strips, then sewed the strips together so I had a big rectangle. I then actually cut out another piece of fabric the same size so that the skirt would be lined (as I don't have an overlocker all the patch seams were frayed and messy). So I sewed the bottom and sides of the two rectangles with right sides together, turned them inside out, then made a big band (like bias binding, but it wasn't cut on the bias, if that makes sense) sewed it onto the top, then threaded some elastic through it. So really the skirt is reversible, which is handy for being out and about as Kate is a master at getting filthy.Easy to just flip it inside out and look nice and clean again :D If this is clear as mud just let me know and I can explain in more detail and post photos of the other side if you like.

Happy Sewing!

Bird Bath said...

VERY sweet skirt....how lovely to have a little helper to pick such wonderful patches of colours. And as for the ladybug - well you are especially lucky!

Jade said...

I do love this skirt on Kate - super cute :) Now, off to check out this blog you suggest!

Cindy said...

Super sweet skirt, what an eye for colour your little one has. Wonder where she got that from.

Hey Harriet said...

Congrats on that super cool giveway win, and on the award! As for your sweet bookmarks, I can say after having bought some from you a while back that they are much loved! I use them all the time. May need to top up my supply soon! Great news about being featured on the Sew mama Sew blog also! :)

Steph said...

What a clever skirt - and how fun! I might try this with my niece!

flossy-p said...

That skirt is one very lovely procrastination!

Congrats on the bloggy award too :)

Hot Fudge said...

What clever little seamstresses you and Miss Kate are, Bec. The skirt is fabulous and I bet Miss Kate looks stunning in it - and all her own creation!

Congratulations on the Sew Mama Sew website feature - well done.

Paula Weston said...

Hey there!
As the black sheep of this blog (i.e. having no craft skills whatsoever), would you be so kind as to tell me where I could buy one of your wonderful fabric book marks because I LOVE them! (And have no chance whatsoever of suddenly gaining the skill or patience to make one myself, no matter how good the tutorial).

ingrid said...

love love love the skirt! And the ladybug too.

Rachel said...

Sweet skirt!

AnastasiaC said...

the skirt is just adorable!! and the fabric bookmarks - too clever!!

Anonymous said...

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