Friday, April 11, 2008

Forty three smiles for me :)

Thanks to everyone who left a comment, and a happy thought on my blog this week. Each one gave me a smile. And I really needed some extra smiles this week. Today alone I've had two sick kids (one with croup), a trip to the doctors, and I'm on day three of severe sleep deprivation. I know it's getting bad when the voice in my head that tells me to stay calm and it will pass, is starting to get drowned out by the voice that says "for $%^$^$% sake everyone, just leave me alone for one second!!!!!"....And then of course I get to do that lovely pendulum swing between being ridiculously frustrated with my grumpy, demanding, sleepless ill children, and then horribly guilty for having such feelings when they clearly just need extra patience and humouring. I'm sorry, usually I do like to keep this blog as my happy place..but...some days are just like that.

But back to happy stuff! I did print off all the names of people who left comments, put them into my trusty lotto bin (aka, my apron pocket) and let Lee do the honors. And the name he pulled out was...

...Hyena in Petticoats

So Leah, if you want to email me your address I will get this little sucker posted off to you next week (the bag I mean, and I wasn't implying that it sucked, although maybe it was a Freudian slip, as I did have a moment of anxiety when Lee pulled your name out, as I was kinda hoping that the winner would be someone whose sewing skills I wasn't just a bit intimidated by.....okaaay, I'm rambling now aren't I? I always do this when I'm tired. Anyway, I do hope you like it....)

I really am losing the plot....I was going to post some pants I made for Kate, but because of the full-on chaotic week I had, I made them (at night, because I REALLY needed some quiet time to do something constructive yet meditative) then forgot to take a photo of them until the end of the day after they had been worn and covered in crumbs and avocado, so I think I will wait until they are washed and ironed and look all nice, and..... aahh, what the hell, here they are anyway, creased as all getup and covered in food. Noice! They do actually look quite cute on.

And yes they did get washed after this (although given how tired I've been it is lucky they didn't get put back into the cupboard while on the hanger - ooohhh, extra noice!).

I really like them with these shoes, so for some bizarre reason I thought I'd hold the pants over them, so you can get an idea of how they look together. Is this a bit weird? I don't even know now - too tired to have any perspective I think.

Oh god, can I blame my above-mentioned sleep deprivation for this rambling nonsensical post? I promise I'll be back to my regular programming by the next post (it's the weekend, so at least Matt and I can do 'sleep shifts' if we need to. Yay!!!)

Goodnight everyone. May you all have restful and rejuvenating sleep...or at least, just......sleep.



Jodie said...

Oh you poor darling - whilst those days are far behind me , their true horror is an easy memory to revisit.
I hope you weekend is full of sleep.
Chocolates, flowers, romance, fun all pale in comparison- I wish you sleep - long and deep and restorative, and maybe the odd cup of tea as well

CurlyPops said...

I love those little pants, and your sleep deprived ramblings!

Bird Bath said...

awww, I hope you feel refreshed over the weekend. I'm sure a decent sleep will restore your energy and mood. Those pants are very very cute :)

Stacey said...

Hope all are feeling better soon! Love the brown and orange pant! :)

Hyena In Petticoats said...


I'm so excited! I hardly ever win anything!
And let me tell you - I would never have entered if I didn't want that bag, and my sewing skills are actually a bit crap. I just hide those bits in the photos!

Thankyou thankyou thankyou......

I'll be emailing you any minute now...

Leah xxx

Paula Weston said...

Hi Bec,

Hope your week improves and the kids are doing better. Even delirous and sleep-deprived, you still write a great blog!

Congrats to Hyena in petticoats (great blog name, by the way.).

The apron pocket lotto was the most logical way to go (I figured if it was judged on content, you'd probably lean towards the entrant who was excited about the cooler weather because it meant they could wear their groovy 1950s tweed trench coat ... I thought that would appeal to you!)

Take care Bec (don't forget to look after yourself too).

Kara said...

Hope you are feeling better and getting at least a nice 30 mins to yourself soon! I just can't imagine what its like but helped my sister last week with her little toddler - its so hard!


djbebe said...

great pants - hope you're all all better soon!

ingrid said...

Sleep deprived jibber jabber often makes for wonderful reading I find. I adore the pants and like them even more becuase you held them up over the shoes, which are very ute too by the way.
I hope the croup improves soon. My kids get it a few times each year and it is nasty nasty. Just hang in there as the worst should be over in 3 or four days.
Have a cup of tea and a bikkie. That is sure to make you feel a bit better.

Net said...

Those little trousers are so lovely. I can't believe you made those at night during such a rough week - what a trooper!

Hope your kids (and you) feel better soon, there's nothing worse than that surrealist zombie state with everyone saying "Muuuummmmm...." all the time. Big hugs!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Hi! Just catching up on blogs after a busy week. Sorry I missed your giveaway, that's a fabulous bag!

So sorry to hear about your rough week. Hope you're all feeling much better soon.

bettyninja said...

Rock on! I am sure she will enj
oy the goody

Stacey said...

Love the pants and shoes. I didn't realise there wasn't a person inside them until you mentioned it. Perhaps I am sleep deprived too....