Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Saucepan Man bag is here!

After I last mentioned my bag names theme, there was one popular request (well, joke really...) for a Saucepan Man bag. And how can I resist something as funny as this! So now, I am happy to present, the Saucepan Man shoulder bag (now for sale on Etsy)!

OK, so I admit there is nothing real 'saucepan-ish' about this bag...but in the spirit of amusement I'm going to draw a really long bow and try for the following similarities:

* Bag pattern is covered in circular flowers - Saucepan Man is covered in circular-shaped pots...
* Man covered in saucepans attracts a lot of attention - person carrying this bag is also destined to attract a lot of attention (groan!!...I'm sorry, I'm really struggling here)
* Saucepan Man was a bit deaf - if you stick this bag on your head then you will probably be a bit deaf too...(scraping the bottom of the barrel now..)
* Saucepan Man was very nice - this bag is...well...very nice.

OK I'm stopping now before you all turn off your computers in disgust! Truth be told, after all the joking about what the next bag name might be, how could I resist going with a Saucepan Man bag? I just hope the name doesn't actually put any real potential buyers off...I mean, really, it's a NAME....of a BAG....does it really matter? Hehehe (nervous laughter)...anyway, I hope it doesn't!

After all this waffle, here's the boring details:

This bag is made from a combination of a new Japanese cotton canvas from Kokka Fabrics, recycled corduroy, and some vintage cotton remnant. A big brown vintage button (an original one from my Grandma's button tin) is used on the front closure.

And a small brown vintage button (one of my recent Op Shop finds) adds detail to the strap.

The internal interfacing is a combination of fusible interfacing (used on the cuff of the bag), as well as recycled flannelette (used in the body), which gives strength and structure while retaining the softness and ‘fall’ of the bag’s fabric (this was one of the best tips I ever got from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing book - I really love interfacing with flannelette - makes the bag feel really lush and full, without being stiff!).

There is an internal pocket big enough to hold a mobile and keys, or your wallet, as well as a narrow pocket that will hold a pen snugly. All seams have been double-stitched at stress points.

Measurements (approx):
- 9.5" (24 cm) wide at opening
- 12.5" (31.5 cm) wide at bottom
- 10" (25.5 cm) high
- 36.5" (93 cm) handle length (from end to end)


Scrapsister said...

Wow, my joke has become a real life 'Becky Bean'. I love it! I would stretch the concept to include the fact that it would simply fit a saucepan if the need arose. Well gorgeous!

Cheryl Anne said...

very cute bag. Love the story behind it. LOL

Jodie said...

It also has a handle - just like a saucepan.

Paula Weston said...

If the Saucepan Man had a few of your bags, he wouldn't need hang all those utensils off himself...