Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cuffs, cake and colds

I think this title pretty much describes where we're at right now. I'm feeling too tired to try for eloquence today, so I think I'll pretty much just do a run-down.

Mid-week sewing project was wrist cuffs for myself and the kids - and we all got a kick out of wearing them all week, even if Matt did find them a bit bemusing!

Lee had the Super Hero bug all week, and must have had good dreams on Thursday night, as he woke up Friday morning, and the following dialogue took place:

Lee - "Mum, where's my Superhero cake?"
Me - "What? Oh, your cape's over there"
"No, my CAKE, where is it?"
"Stop being silly, it's right there!!!"
"No not my cape, my CAKE, is it in the oven?"
"What, why would it be in the....oh, CAKE!!!"

That's when the penny dropped, and I asked him if he had been dreaming about cake, and he had. Apparently it was an oval shaped cake, which was purple with lots of candles on it and it was his birthday. After discussing how this was all a dream, we then went back to "so where is it mum"? "what?" "my CAKE!!!!"

And so the Super Hero cake came into being. Unfortunately we didn't have an oval cake tin, so we settled on a round one, but I did actually have purple food dye (don't ask), so we made a lovely chocolate Super Hero cake for morning tea. It was actually yummier than it looked, and Lee took great joy in offering Grandma and Grandad some of his very own Super Hero cake. Ok, I think I've said the words Super Hero enough for one post now!

The weekend has been slightly less super (sorry, couldn't help myself) than the start of the week, as both kids now have colds and I can feel myself succumbing. Luckily, my sister came round while Matt and her husband went riding, so we made pumpkin scones. Nothing like a hot scone to lift the spirits! Lee also got in on the act and made his own. But he didn't make round ones, he made 'train' ones. Of course, can't you tell?

Personlly, I preferred the old fashioned variety:

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