Sunday, May 3, 2009

BrisStyle Bonanza!!!

I've been meaning to blog about so many BrisStyle things lately, so I'm now going to roll them all in to one big sweet doughy lump and and spread them out here. First BrisStyle cookie onto the tray:

BrisStyle Stitches & Craft 10% Discount Promo - OK, I know I'm MEGA late for posting about this one seeing as though today is the last day of the show. But in fairness I DID 'tweet' it and 'facebook' wasn't 100% slack. Basically, the deal is that if you are at the Stitches and Craft show in Brisbane, and see someone wearing a BrisStyle badge (like the one above), go say hi and they will give you a 10% discount voucher for a bunch of participating BrisStyle shops (including Beckybean). So assuming you have ANY money left after being at the show (yeah - right!!) then you can make those crafty dollars go just a little further by spending them on some discounted BrisStyle items. Yay!

Second cookie browning nicely, is also Stitches and Craft related....Did you know that six BrisStyle members have stalls at the show, and many of us are also there volunteering and helping out fellow melbourne crafters? The lovely Helen has been interviewed about BrisStyle twice on the main stage so far, and also...

Jade and I have some bags in the Upcycled Fashion show (run by Wardrobe Refashion) held at the Stitches and Craft event.

Which of course we are mega excited about.

So keep a look out for any of these bags coming down the catwalk!!!!

OK, last cookie coming out of the oven - cooked to perfection of course! The May round of giveaways is now up on the BrisStyle blog. This month we are featuring the super sweet Katie of Kitty Boo Boo, and the bubbling loveliness of Benita from Bettsy Kingston. Their interviews are both fascinating peeks into their crafty worlds, and there are booties,


a badge

and some gorgeous bloomers/ruffle pants to be won.

Entries close on 25th May, so plenty of time to head on over, leave a comment, and try your luck!!

OK, time to hang up the apron, don a nice t-shirt and some sensible walking shoes. Because I'm off to the show today. Whheeeee!!!!!



Cass said...

Bec those bags are divine I especially love the second and third ones

Anonymous said...

Great post Bec! I only managed to do some twittering and facebooking about the promo. You've done well to blog about it, even if it's the last day.

I had a fab time at the Stitches and Craft show. Unfortunately missed your lovely bags and Helen's spot of fame. It was great to see the girls representing us there. Inspiring stuff! Can't wait for our market!

Little Mary Moo said...

Bec your bags looked so great in the fashion show. You both must be very excited and pleased with how they were presented. Just beautiful!

REread said...

you're going to be sooooo tired after all that showing and talking and crafting !!

Hey Harriet said...

The bags are gorgeous and I bet they were a big hit on the catwalk! The BrisStyle promo is a nifty idea. I would have joined in but I've been out of the loop lately and only just found out about it yesterday. Glad you've been enjoying the craft show!!!

Rachel said...

Wow, I love the clutches! So chic.

Michelle said...

Hi Bec,
Your bags are looking so good!
The reversible style bag with the red flowers is my dream bag. Seriously!!

Veronica Darling... said...

Gorgeous! I love all your recycled stuff! The clutches are amazing!

Loz and Dinny said...

I love the yellow clutch - gorgeous!! Hope you ahd fun at the stitches and craft show ... wonder if they will ever bring it to Tassie - definately heading up to Melbourne for it next year!!

Florence said...

Goodness, the purse in the mustardy yellow at the top makes me feel quite dizzy with it's loveliness. How absolutely perfect.

Florence said...

or even "its" loveliness...x

.girl ferment. said...

the first clutch is gorgeous