Friday, September 14, 2007

Spring has sprung

I can smell it. That indefinable aroma of spring. And it's not just the smell, it's the sounds, the light, the slight haziness of the air and the mildness of the breeze against my skin. Makes me want chink wine glasses over a meal at an alfresco restaurant, or sit on the front deck of our house, drink crisp Rogers beer and watch the sun set over the trees.....all things that are not really possible with two small children. Sunset being feeding time at the zoo when the mad rush for dinner, bath and bed is happening, and restaurants being limited to child friendly ones that definitely do NOT have seating where kids can run onto the road...but ahhhhh, all the's Spring!

I took the kids into mum and dad's garden yesterday (yes, we are STILL living with my parents while our house is being renovated, but that's another story entirely) and we went on a flower hunt. Looking for all the new growth and little flower buds that are starting to sprout after our recent rain. Not much loot to be found yet - but Lee had lots of fun collecting these:

And Kate had a great time pulling petals off the lantana flowers and throwing them everywhere, while saying "wower".

There's nothing like nature, happy kids, and the smell of Spring to drag you into the present moment. It was lovely. I must try to stay here more often.

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