Friday, August 8, 2008

We interrupt this bloggy break....

***For a quick community service announcement.....***


From Saturday 9th August to Sunday 17th August, the talented BrisStylettes are offering some Show-Stopping Specials!!

Everyone loves a Show as much as they love a Sale, so the BrisStyle team have put together some special promotional deals to coincide with the Annual Brisbane Show - the 'Ekka'.

BrisStyle members are a diverse group of artisans all with their own unique style. We make a range of lovely goodies: Jewellery, Bags, Children and Baby clothing and accessories, Art prints and originals, Retro/recycled treasures, Dolls and Softies ... And they’re all on sale!!

Visit the stores below to take advantage of the 'Etsy Ekka Extravaganza Sale' and grab some great deals:

jellygnite - 15% off all items in store + free art card / aceo with every order over $15 (excl postage)

HotFudge - 15% off all items in store

EmBelIsh – Free Owl Brooch & Gift Wrapping with purchase

TwinkleStarArt – Free children's 'gift card' with all purchases. Purchase two or more art prints, receive an additional art print, of your choice, for free.

Sharlzndollz – 10% off all items in store

Shazzabeth – 10% off all items in store + free postage on orders over $100

Elizasart – 10% off all items in store + free postage on orders over $100

MooreTaste – 15% off all items in store + a free pair of gemstone earrings on purchases over $100 after discounts

Beckybean (that's me!!!) – Free gift pack (bookmark, felt hairclip & postcard) with any bag purchase

ruby2gogo - Retro Brisbane gift cards with all purchases. Show Bag with purchases over $40

rubyredstudios – Retro Brisbane gift cards with all purchases. Show Bag with purchases over $40

Hey Harriet – Free postage on all purchases

Hair Doos - 10% off all items in store + free postage on orders over $100

Be sure to keep up to date with what's happening with BrisStyle on our blog:

***We will now return you to your normal programming***

PS. The giveaway is still open - feel free to enter if you haven't yet done so, and thank-you thank-you thank-you to all who have left comments and feedback for me. They have been a great help to me and are very much appreciated :)


Hot Fudge said...

Hi Bec

Your community announcement is so enticing I was immediately tempted to check it out - then I remembered I'm already participating in it - what a saleswoman! Best of luck with the sale and I'm glad your competation has drawn such a huge response.



Hey Harriet said...

Yay! Bring it on! Should be a good week ahead! The BrisStyle EEE event is way more exciting than that other 'E' event happening in Brisbane :)

Ali said...

Thanks for interrupting your break for such a worthwhile community announcement Bec!
This is definitely the best "E" event in Brissie this week - you don't get sick, nor is there the risk of standing in something smelly! ;)

Suse said...

The apron in the previous post is amazing isn't it!!?


JustJess said...

Hey Bec - Thanks for sending traffic my way! Ali won the giveaway, and as she found me via your blog, I want to send you a little something too! Please let me know your address so I can pop something in the post! J

Rachel said...

I just gave you an award!
Details are on my blog : )