Thursday, July 17, 2008

One for the boys, one for me, and one for Sharon!

This is my latest new creation. After making a few 'Little Lady bags' for little girls, I decided it would only be fair to have a crack at doing some boy bags too...or as I like to term them - 'Little Man bags'. He he he, always makes me think of Kel from Kath and Kim.

So here is Jack. A mini-messenger bag with a velcro flap closure, made with vintage denim and vintage airplane fabric, and he's currently sitting in my shop.

On an entirely different note, and with no groany segue whatsoever (and as sighs of disappointment echo all over the bloggersphere...) I have a lovely award to pick up. Just let me sashay down red carpet and pull my speech out of my cleavage (yeah if I have cleavage)...

"Ahem...the lovely Sharon from Iris and Lily has very generously bestowed upon me a lovely blog award, which is very flattering coming from such a talented sewer, crafter and blog-writer. So firstly, I'd like to thank my Mum and Dad..and oh I just can't believe I'm standing here...and oh my goodness I'm so not prepared for this, um....oh yes to my husband, thank-you...and oh oh, the wind-up music already..just one more my kids you shut that damned music up?...."

Sorry about that - I think I fell into a 'Scrubs'-like daydream sequence there...

OK, so I am in turn passing this award to the following blogs:

1. Charlie and Grace - because I love reading about all the wonderful creative things Ali has been up to. And she has just done a great tutorial on making a book/journal which has me all inspired.

2. Hey Harriet - because it is always an entertaining read, and Tracy is the founder of 'Shadow Shot Sunday' which is a very inspiring meme where participants take photos of cool shadows.

3. Great stories - because it always takes me at least two days to compose my comment for each of Paula's posts. This girl really makes me think....and I like it!

4. Hot Fudge - because her blog is so full of colour and beautiful things...and I don't just mean the photos. Robyn describes her sewing exploits (which are stunning) and her family life so well - everything is always so vivid. And she makes me look forward to one day being a grandma!

5. Kimono Reincarnate - Not only does Melanie's creative talents appear to know no bounds (her bags, her jewellery, her paper/fabric folding - all beautiful) but she writes as an Aussie living in Japan, soaking up all the cultural goodness that is to be had there. Always inspiring!

6. Stripy Sock Studio - Helen's posts are honest, raw, and ridiculously beautiful. She is a writer and poet who also knits and crafts, making endless beautiful things. I like that I feel transported to a different world when reading her blog.

7. Fabric Fantastic - Kara Smith is an amazing designer, and also a really nice person to boot. I always love reading about how her business is going (and booming) and about her idyllic life in the Blue Mountains. And of course, her design aesthetic is to die for!!!

8. Leni and Rose - If you haven't checked out Michelle's posts on technical bloggy tips and tricks then you are definitely missing out. Not only that, but you are missing a whole lotta crafty inspiration too, as Michelle knows her way around a sewing machine as artfully as she does a computer!

Whew!!! OK, now lastly.....these were baked a long time ago, so I'm sorry Sharon, they may be a bit stale by now - but these are for you :) In honor of the gorgeous apron you sent me the kids and I whipped up these yummy afghan biscuits, and the aprons are all nicely christened with butter and chocolate stickiness.

And for everyone else - if you got to the end of this long post and you're still awake - then you deserve a bikkie too! Oh go on, have two. The ARE really yummy :)


CurlyPops said...

Yum, thanks for the biccie, it's just what I needed with my cup of tea...I'm still chuckling at your acceptance rude that the music started before you were even finished!

Hey Harriet said...

Oh my, where to start? Maybe go make yourself a cuppa as I feel this will be long ;)

Firstly, that mini-messenger airplane bag is awesome! And what a cool dude you have as a model. Hope his fees are not too painful. I guessing he'd happily work for yummy afghans ;) Speaking of which, your baked goodies look so scrummy! I must apologise...I took more than two while nobody was looking!

A great big congrats on your award! It's certainly a very well deserved one! Great speech btw! Thanks ever so much for awarding my little bloggy! Wow! It means a lot to me! I'll have fun checking out those other recipients, as the only blog I've seen on your list is 'Charlie & Grace' (which is already one of my faves!). Cool new blogs to check out. Yay!

Oh & thanks for sharing the 'kath & kim' link. That was a fun visit (yeah...I couldn't resist!)

Ok, now that I've completed this great novel (in relation to size, certainly not content!) I shall go & have dinner. The 7 afghans bikkies I took didn't quite fill me up :D

Thanks again for another highly amusing & fun post. You rock!

Ali said...

Ah Bec! You sure do deserve that little award - well done! what a great post :D - it got me smiling :D.
I love the aeroplanes (I saw them on flickr yesterday), love the idea of 'little man bags' (why do little girls get all the fun?!) and love the Kel reference!!! (see how good your blog is? it just fills me with 'love'!!)
I am glad you have christened your beautiful aprons and made such yummy bikkies - as Hey Harriet took 7!!!, there was only one left for me to try ;)
And thank you for passing on your award to Charlie and Grace :) It means a lot to me too - seeing as I still feel relatively new to this caper. Thank you for the list of other awarded blogs, I'm off to investigate a few of them now.
Ali :D

Paula Weston said...

Congrats on your well-deserved award (and thanks for mine ... you like me, you really like me - sorry, just caught up in my own moment ... Apologies to Sally Field).

Great pic of the afghans. I still have that recipe in that fantastic recipe book you made for me all those moons ago. I still use it, still love it, and still smile at the editorial comments and cute drawings along the way.

Hey, maybe when your blog fame spreads even further I can sell it on ebay...


Hot Fudge said...

Congratulations Bec on your stupendous award - I am not surprised. And my humblest thanks for listing me in your awards. I had a speech all prepared, but I see you must have used the same speech writer, so all I can say is: Ditto.

I will now go and investigate the other blogs, although some of them I already know and love.

I would have thanked you for the bikkie, but some greedy people snaffled them and the plate is empty. I would have only taken one.



Kara said...

Wow! Thanks for the award - it is truly an honour. When do I get to make my acceptance speech?

Feeling crap still, now on antibiotics but scoffing a bag of 'Forbidden Fruits' by the Natural confectionery company...mmm...

Helen said...


Thank you so much, Bec. You are a sweetie and I'm blushing like a pink thing.

xx Helen

Ali said...

ps Happy birthday to little Kate - Hope you all had a fun day today :)

Sharon said...

Cheers Bec! I've made a complete pig of myself and had three for breakfast! ;)

Twinkle Star Art said...

Yes, I'm still awake. It took me quite a while to get to the bottom of your post as I ventured off to some of your favourite blog reads along the way :-) I almost forgot what I wanted to comment about. Oh that's right... I absolutely lOVe your 'little man bags' they a sO sweet. I think there is a market for the little men's fashion and bedroom decor. I just completed some art for little boys as well. Boys like nice stuff too! :-) Amanda

Rachel said...

Great bag! The fabric is wonderful and really like the overall shape and construction!

little red hen said...

I enjoyed your blog and thank you for the interesting links to the bloggy tips and tricks. I will have to find more time in the day to improve my blog!!

.girl ferment. said...

wow ace bag.
i will have to try rubbing the corian on my it good for my skin?

Keshia said...

That bag is a great addition to your already fabulous other ones!!

I have made a posting about my give-away as well if you want to check it out...

one little acorn said...

Congrats on the award and for sharing all those other great links. A few are familiar to me, others are newies and I will be taking a look after i finish here. Cheers Bec.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Aww... you're so sweet! Your award is well deserved and then you gave me one!

I just love your little man bag. I picked up some funky boy fabric recently to make some myself, but other than one for hubby, I keep going back to all the lovely girly fabric :)