Thursday, November 8, 2007

The gift

I'm feeling a bit sore and sorry today after having two moles cut out yesterday (ouch!) so just a very brief post today. Two days ago I sent off this bag for a friend. Hopefully she will receive it today, so on the off-chance she checks this space, I won't have ruined the surprise.

I'm very happy with how this bag turned out. I finally felt game to use new fabric (rather than thrifted stuff) so paired up some Amy Butler prints from her Lotus range, and I'm so happy with how they look together. I also refined my bag pattern, and I'm very pleased with that now too.

To make it look more professional and 'gift like' I also made a matching yo-yo brooch and some pretend tags. Boy I hope she likes it! Anyway, here is how the final package looked:

So there you go. Now I just hope the bag arrives safely and that my friend likes it.

Now back to feeling sore and sorry for myself.......


Dee said...

Ouchies for the moles :(

That bag is beautiful! I'm sure your friend will love it :)

Bec said...

Thanks Dee,

I'm feeling much better today. I still haven't heard if my friend has got her bag yet - resisting the urge to ring and find out. I hope it got there safely!

Looking forward to catching up next week!