Monday, December 10, 2007

Almost famous....

So I've been called a 'great cook' in the Christmas edition of Delicious magazine! How funny is that! And that was by a chef who has just been named '2007 Queensland Chef of the Year' by the Brisbane Times Good Food Guide, and also '2007 Young Chef of the Year' by the Courier Mail Food and Wine Guide.

...ok, so this is the part where I should also mention that Kym Machin is my brother-in-law, so maybe just a little bit biased (or looking to score brownie points with the in-laws..ha ha!). He was a contributer for the Delicious magazine this month, and gave a nice little blurb about how he will be spending Christmas (at our place), as well as a 'Christmassy dessert recipe'. It's funny because he said the writer basically asked him a heap of questions, then just made the whole blurb up. Hence there are little gems in there about us all getting competitive in the kitchen (um...I don't think so!) and we have 18 people coming for lunch (what the???? where did the extra four people come from???). I guess it comes back to not letting the truth get in the way of good copy...he he...funny stuff!

Anyway, this is where I would post a scan of the article if my scanner actually worked with my computer (Matt 'upgrated' my operating system to Leopard, or some such thing, which means heaps of previously perfectly good technology that I used to use every day, no longer works....gggrrr.....). Anyway, I guess if you want to read it you will have to pick up the mag and flick through it yourself - sorry! And if you want to sample some of Kym's delights, get into Urbane in Brisbane. It might be hard to get into before Christmas, but it really is a gastronomic delight. Eating Kym's food is as much about the appreciation of art and creativity as it is about eating exquisite food. Just be prepared to part with some serious cash.

And just so this doesn't sound like a post soley devoted to blatant advertising of my extended family members, here's a completely unrelated food photo:

This is what we ate after getting back from the Rocklea Produce Market on Saturday. Everything on this plate is market fresh. The organic olive sourdough bread, the vine-ripened tomatoes, the kalamata olives, and the soft sheep's feta. The lady who sold us the olives and the feta said this was a very traditional Greek snack, so when we came home we gave it a crack. And oh my god, just delicious. You've got to try it - nothing beats fresh!

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